7 luxury apartments with canal views, a stone’s throw from Soho House.

Singel 326 consists of seven apartments that will be renovated to the highest level and available in Q2 2022.

The Collective Studio HQ

This brand new creative workspace is what we, The Collective Studio, are calling home. An office, a showroom, a place to brainstorm, create and share. A space to meet likeminded people. A place where revolutionary ideas will be born. We can’t wait to meet you there.

Double floor apartment in 18th century canal house

Unique two-storey ground floor apartment in the heart of Amsterdam

Three modern homes, hidden in classic beauty

A quiet haven, an earthy dream of space, sunlight and natural materials. Three homes that offer a warm and serene refuge from all the noise in our everyday life.


Right in the heart of buzzing neighbourhood de Jordaan, The Collective Studio has created four modern apartments for true city living without compromises.

The Collective Studio apartment

The Collective Studio is building its new creative space and headquarters in this impressive building on the Keizersgracht. 

Spectacular penthouse in Amsterdam’s iconic Pontsteiger

With an unrivalled view of Amsterdam and more than 470 m² of luxury living space, this penthouse makes you experience the beauty of Amsterdam’s skyline, every day.

Classical grandeur and modern design meet in a 17th-century Amsterdam canal house.

This grand apartment welcomes you into an artistic world where history and modern times harmoniously coexist.

400m2 of Utopia city living

A private swimming pool, a top-notch gym or a professional sound studio, when creating a revolution, anything is possible.

Cutting edge design apartments in the heart of Amsterdam.

In Amsterdam’s art district, surrounded by galleries and world famous museums, you find 7 apartments that have redefined high-end real estate as we know it.