The Collective Studio / Nelia

Born in San Sebastián ( Basque Country ) in 1980, Nelia Herrero started to explore different forms of creativity at the early age of three.

Coming from a background where being an artist was not an option, Nelia decided to continue her research into the fields of art and self expression by moving to Madrid, where she attended the established Artium Peña academy in 2011.
Nelia currently lives in Ibiza, where she continues her personal introspection influenced by the affection of her children and the energy of the mediterranean Island.
“The translator”

Her singular approach to art, makes Nelia a “translator” of energy, a “creator” (as she likes to define herself), rather than an interpreter of the reality.

Energy and space are the guiding threads of her art, which finds its footing at the intersection of physical borders and our society’s incessant need for questioning our role in it.

The spectator is invited to identify themself in this metaphysic translation, by doing this, the exhibitions becomes a way to resist the pressure towards an even more uniformed experience of time and space, keeping the spectator in the art moment a little longer.