The Collective Studio / Viabizzuno

Lighting has the power to make or break a space. Be it the sun streaming in through an open window, the flicker of ambient candlelight or cleverly placed artificial lighting, a smart balance of light and dark can elevate a home or office.

With this firmly in mind, The Collective Studio chose to collaborate with Italian lighting company Viabizzuno on its renovation projects to help bring each project to life. Viabizzuno believes lighting gives us the chance to ‘observe’ our space, to really experience and live within our world and that ‘to design means to build something that lasts and keeps on living beyond temporary fashion’.

We make the culture of light and we create wellbeing through the light.

The Collective Studio x Viabizzuno

Now, The Collective Studio and Viabizzuno’s collaboration has taken a step further with yet another merging of light and style. 

Working in unison, we have created an all-black version of the manondovevamovedercipiù portable and rechargeable light that can be used as a table light, temporarily suspended to offer light to a space or wall mounted for permanence. Constructed from black natural brass, the agile piece is dimmable from 1-100%, has 10 hours battery life and 8 hours recharge time via a USB and is wired with a 2700K 3.7W 468lm led source. Measuring in at a diameter of 130mm and height at 290mm, the light can be placed anywhere in your home or office to add either ambient or functional light.

The Collective Studio Favourites

Functional, yet iconic styles such as the ecotrack spotlights, designed by Mario Nanni in 2013, enable you to cast light into different parts of a room to highlight pieces of art, reading nooks, kitchen surfaces and more. While the anselmo light (also by Nanni in 2013) is an industrial lever-operated, adjustable light that can, like the ecotrack, be moved to spotlight different parts of a room when in use. In smaller spaces, for example, it can morph a room from home office to home with the simple manoeuvre of the light from desk to lounge. 

Viabizzuno: The Brand

Launched in 1994, award winning Viabizzuno creates thoughtful lighting fixtures that offer function, ambiance, art and, in many cases, a conversation starter. Standout pieces are what set Viabizzuno apart, like its 2008 peled soffitto ceiling light, created by the versatile Spanish designer Antoni Arola in 2008, made of extruded aluminium rods; or the coppibartali, masterminded by globally revered designer Mario Nanni in 2018, that can moonlight as a ceiling, table or floor light with its glass cylinders and patented chain system. 

Over the years Viabizzuno has lit up iconic spaces like the Serpentine Gallery in London, the Gucci museum in Florence and Michelangelo’s tomb in Rome.

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