Seven city apartments in two conjoined 18th century canal houses

Singel 326 or Mercury & Neptune as we refer to them at the Collective Studio after the impressive and decorative statues of the two Roman gods on the façade of nr. 326.

Seven city apartments varying from 41m² – 201m² will soon arise from these two conjoined 18th century canal houses in the heart of the city.

In astrology Mercury and Neptune aspects combined will give you The Visionary. Mercury represents our thinking processes and comprehensive skills, while Neptune couldn’t be any more illogical. It’s a boundary-free planet. Together they provide an otherworldly inspiration to come up with amazing new ideas.


  • Seven apartments varying from 41m² - 160m² in collaboration with Huizenmij BV
  • New foundation
  • Completely renovated and restored
  • Prices on request
  • Hit the market in October 2019

Singel 326-328
1016 AE Amsterdam