Ruud-Jan Kokke
Fauteuil 21
Ruud-Jan Kokke
Fauteuil 21
The design is more than just a feast for the eyes. Ruud-Jan: ‘You had to feel supported in this chair. A chair in which you are aware of the moment. You know you’re sitting, because it’s quite exciting on those transparent thin slats. At the same time, you relax through the comfort that the chair offers you. Read, muse, work, and sometimes you just fall asleep.’ Ruud-Jan Kokke
A perfect unity of material, construction and comfort. Without secrets; you see how it is put together; ingenious, precise and flawless; made of one material: wood.
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Ahs wood and Oak


h 79; d 67; w 76,5; sh 44; sd 39,5-44

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